Everyone who has reached the citizenship eligible age and is living on a constant basis inside the country or has recently entered the country and is planning to stay for more than two weeks, must take a citizenship test. Violation of this requirement leads to a penalty and a sentence to a correction camp.

Take the test

Ministry of

Points Based System Chapter 7 (May 1954)

This test is for use inside the test class only

Your citizenship has been extended.
The date of your next citizenship test is .

You failed to prove your eligibility for the citizenship.
You are to spend years in a correction camp.

For official use only

Granted Denied

This test must be completed in black ink.
Only after you have obtained your ticket from the Self-assessment Ticket Dispenser.
Ensure you answer all the questions truthfully and as indicated in the sections.
Your test will be automatically refused and you may be sentenced to a correction camp and banned from taking another test for 15 years if you lie or avoid answering a question.