My name is Alexander Petcoglo.

I'm a self-taught front-end developer with a passion for visual design. I worked with Quine, Kalkul, HumanFirst, Fueled, TypeDB. I like to be involved into building non-trivial stuff, both visually and technically. I've been working remotely since 2016.

Currently I'm based in Chișinău, MD.

You can reach me by e-mail at

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AJAX, Angualr JS, Axios, CSS, D3.js, Express, Git, GraphQL, Gulp, HTML, Ionic, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, JSS, JSX, LESS, Mercurial, Next.js, Paper.js, Preact, Ractive.js, React, React Native, Redux, Redux-Saga, REST, Rollup, SASS, Satori, SCSS, Svelte, SvelteKit, Three.js, TypeScript, Vike, Vite, Webpack, WebRTC, WebSocket, XMPP


Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity Designer, Blender, SketchUp

Work Experience

Senior Front-End Engineer, 2024 Apr – Present

Instill AI, London, UK. Orchestrate data, models and pipelines for generative AI.

Front-End Engineer, 2022 May – 2024 Apr

  • Greatly improved the app performance and loading time optimising assets and code
  • Improved OAuth integration implementing the token rotation
  • Worked with designers and PMs to improve app's UX

Quine, London, UK. Building frictionless interfaces between software creators and capitalism.

Front-End Consultant, 2018 Nov – 2023 Jun

  • Designed and developed the client- and admin-facing web applications using TypeScript and Next.js
  • Did an OAuth integration
  • Implemented various experimental features using different browser APIs

KALKUL, Tokyo, JP. Building new spatial media technologies to expand human reality.

Senior Front-End Developer, 2019 Mar – 2021 Mar

  • Implemented UI/UX based on Figma designs using TypeScript and React
  • Maintained Chrome extension

HumanFirst, Montréal, CA. Helping companies find and solve problems with AI-powered workflows that combine prompt and data engineering.

Front-End Developer, 2018 Nov – 2019 Apr

  • Developed a cross-platform mobile applications using React Native

Brocoders, Sumy, UA. Creating and transforming digital projects tailored to the client’s business needs.

Front-End Developer, 2018 Jun – 2018 Nov

  • Implemented features based on designs using React

misterporter, Amsterdam, NL. Technology-driven automated Airbnb management tool.

Front-End Consultant, 2016 Nov – 2017 Feb

  • Implemented a graphics-rich case study
  • Created a number of high performance interactive experiences

Fueled, London, UK. Award-winning technology consultancy that transforms businesses.

UI Developer, 2015 May – 2016 Aug

  • Created the initial company brand
  • Implemented and maintained company's website
  • Designed and implemented a showcase project "Moogi"

TypeDB, London, UK. Polymorphic database with a conceptual data model.

Front-End Developer, 2012 Oct – 2015 Mar

  • Maintained a large production code base heavily dependent on jQuery
  • Worked with designers to implemented new features
  • Created a cross-platform mobile application using Ionic framework
  • Developed and maintained different company's side-projects

Pravoved, Saint-Petersburg, RU. Legal tech company.

Front-End Developer, 2011 Nov – 2012 Sep

  • Developed and maintained WordPress websites for different European companies

Domprog, Saint-Petersburg, RU. A software development company.

Front-End Developer, 2010 Sep – 2011 Aug

  • Developed and maintained websites for a number of local companies

Data Star Systems, Murmansk, RU. A software design and development company.

Web Designer, 2010 Jun – 2010 Sep

  • Created UX flows and UIs of different scale

CubeLine Agency, Saint-Petersburg, RU. A marketing agency.

Content Manager, 2007 Oct – 2008 May

  • Managed WordPress websites for local companies

MASCH Software Solutions, Saint-Petersburg, RU. Software development and distribution company.


Gregory Whiteside, HumanFirst

In his role, Alexander was deeply involved in the front-end development of the HumanFirst Studio, the web application part of our product. He was working closely with our designers bringing consistency to the user experience, making the Studio an easy to understand and easy to use application. Our product benefited greatly from Alexander's technical skills and his keen eye for detail.

Bartek Kołacz, KALKUL

I highly recommend Alexandr Petcoglo for any role needing expert front-end development and a sharp eye for design. Alexandr stood out during his time with us, especially with his work on a complex AR app, showcasing his mix of technical skill, innovation, and aesthetic sense. His ability to blend functionality with beauty improved our projects noticeably. Beyond his technical and design talents, Alexandr's teamwork and professionalism made him invaluable. I'm looking forward to future collaborations.

Haikal Pribadi, TypeDB

Alexander, or Sasha as we call him, is one of the most efficient engineers that I have worked with. Sasha has a great discipline, with delivering tasks that he has planned in a timely manner, with a well-estimated work plan. The dedication towards the quality of his work is something that any team member would appreciate from Sasha, as well as his independence in achieving them. Sasha has a very decisive attitude in which you can rely on, which will drive the development with a strong sense of initiative. On top of his engineering skills, Sasha has a great sense of design, together with a touch of humour in the design work that he produces which I have found to enjoy. I have no reservation that Sasha would bring a substantial contribution to your team and I would be happy to give further information regarding his work through direct correspondence. Please liaise with Sasha to obtain my contact details.


bbox.l.r — A promotional website for Aphex Twin.

2023 May. Front-End Developer.

Battle of Cards — A rogue-like card game.

2018 Jul. Front-End Developer, UX Designer.

SËCU — Share encrypted data that is destroyed upon receipt.

2016 Mar. Front-End Developer, UX Designer.

IX — An XMPP client based on Strophe and Ionic.

2014 Nov – 2015 Jan. Front-End Developer.

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